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Frenchie Extended Family



lives with Matthew, John and his pied sister, Paris


aka, Ch. JustUs Mersault, is a Spenser and Bette daughter. 

"Fancy" is shown with her family Amanda and Kevin Miller, left enjoying happy hour at the beach in Ocean City, and below, having some "old fashioned" fun.  Like any good, spoiled, NY frenchie girl, Fancy looks stunning in poyuls, don't you think? :o)


Pei Sze Goneau

Loving life with her Mom, Karen!!!



Stunning Kaytlyn has taken David in paw and rules his life now!!!



Merlot finished his AKC championship and decided to broaden his horizons.  He now lives with his family in MD. 

Merlot was always a music lover, and as luck would have it, his Dad has a guitar studio... so lots of music in their lives!

Here is Merlot with his Dad, Mike!!


Tegan (with nap buddy Merlot on the left)

From Tegan and Merlot's family....

This is a snuggly as it gets! LOL Brother & sister keeping each other warm!  Teegee is doing fantastic. She is the perfect opposite for Merlot and they get along great. Thank so much for enriching our lives with these great dogs!

mike & charlotte



He has taken the house of Marsha and Bonnie by storm and made it his very own! Here he is going home with his new Moms, and they have proven to be the very best match in the world for each other!

Garrett is a GP son and he excels in giving love to the world!


Mommy gives the best hugs!!

Murphy in the pool!!


Another Virginian, Murphy is busy bringing lots of love and fun to the house of his Mom and Dad, Erika and Sean.  Can you tell they love him?

Megan ready to head home with her new Mom and Dad

Megan at home


is the daughter of Spenser and Bette.  Sometimes when it comes to matching the right human family with the right dog, a situation comes along that is just meant to be.  Such was the case with Megan and her family... truly love at first sight and they never looked back.  Megan is adored by her Mom and Dad, Duffy and David!!  And the feeling is mutual.

These days, Megan keeps everything in order at home.  Toys, a nice wardrobe and people who adore her ... what else could a Frenchie girl want?



Quinny is living the great life with his Mom and Dad.  Quinny even helped his Mom pass her law Boards (okay, so he ate most of her study material, but he THOUGHT he was helping!  After all, every student knows it's important to digest what you read)


A guy and his frogs :o)


lives in NJ with Deb, Scott, Dobersister Muzzy, and bossy Frenchie girl, Lulu.

Handsome, athletic, loving, smart... Soren's got it all.  He not only gives the best hugs, but is proving to be quite a star in Rally, Obedience and Agility.  Click here to read more about his activities and accomplishments.


Here is Greer, with her Mom Valerie! Dad, Steve, was taking the
photo as they enjoyed their trip to the mountains!  What a great way
to start the Summer!


Greer's glamour shot.  She is a Fallon/Gio puppy!!!



lives in MD with with his mom and dad, Jennifer and Chris.


lives in MD with with his mom, who is a minister.


Fiona Apple

lives in MD near the waters of the bay, with with her mom and dad, Sally and Richard.


Practicing my "down" for the CGC test

OK - how LONG do I NEED to practice this??!! @&#*@

Playing with the cat - Does this angle make me look fat??

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... it's exhausting being me.



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