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Norwich Extended Family



lives in VA with her mom, Dawn!l

Gavin Paul

lives with Debbie Davis.  Look at that boy weave! GO GAVIN!


lives with, and is much loved by, Teri Gallagher in NJ




Riley Sean

lives with Karen May

Riley Sean -- You can never be too comfortable



and his mommy, Beth

Hallie Mary

loves her mom, Catherine, and her dad, Noah!!

SaraBeth at Halloween (left) with a pumpkin friend and her son Devlin


SaraBeth, one of the first JustUs bred babies, has brought joy and love to every one who knows her!  A multi-talented girl, she is an AKC Ch and also has her NA NAP NAJ and NJP agility titles and her JE title in Earthdog!!!  What more can one ask of a cute Norwich girl?

She is loving life in Texas now with her son, Devlin McCain, and her human Mom, Lauren.

Devlin McCain

was born and raised at JustUs.  He now resides in the great state of Texas, where he keeps his human Mom, Lauren, and his birth mom, SaraBeth, very happy.

Devlin is not only an AKC Champion, but has also achieved his Novice Jumpers, Novice Jumpers Preferred and Open Jumpers titles in agility.  So he has a Ch on the front end and an NAJ, NJP and OAJ at the back end.  GO DEVLIN!!!

Going home with his mom, Mary, and her friend!

Josh Vogel

Watching the world from his comfy bed

Oh so stylish!!




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