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About Us

Hi!  It's me, Bette.  First I must object to the title of this page.  You see it's never about US ... it's always about ME!!  I am the hostess with the mostest here at JustUs.  Well actually, I am just the mostest ;o)

That said, since I do have a certain fondness for Suzanne, I guess I will allow her a page to express her thoughts on things here at JustUs.

Just keep it brief Suzanne, and whatever you do, don't go on too much about that Spencer, or I might just have to hyperventilate.





A Note From Suzanne:

I have been involved with dogs most of my life.  Not one to take the easy road, I started out in Obedience with a Wire Fox Terrier, and managed to complete a CDX!! 

I also had Irish Terriers, and finally Norwich.  I did some Tracking and was involved in Earth Dog at its onset.  Eventually my interests drifted to the Breed ring.

Ron is relatively new to dogs.  His involvement began with my Norwich Terriers when we met in 1997. 


The view at JustUs
My first love was always terriers, but In 2000, Ron bought me a French Bulldog for my birthday.  That little French birthday gift, aka Spenser, would captivate our hearts and change our lives. 

Spenser was the most engaging puppy I have ever been around.  He moved right in and quickly learned to manipulate us to fulfill his every wish and desire.

Spenser was supposed to be an "only Frenchie," but our enchantment with the breed was born, and the rest, as they say, is history.   Our first Frenchie litter was born at JustUs in 2003:  3 puppies, 3 Champions!

At JustUs, Ron and I are committed to our breeds, and to breeding only the best, always with a focus on both health and temperament.  We are also dedicated to health testing and committed to OFA.

Our Beloved Spenser


We have been fortunate to produce sound and pretty puppies who have consistently attained their AKC Championships. 

We believe our dogs should be titled at both ends, and use their brains as well as showing off their beauty.  We try to at least attain a CGC (Canine Good Citizen certification) on all our Champions.

We look forward to a long and wonderful future with our beloved dogs.

-- Suzanne Readmond --




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